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Juni 2019

Modern Mindfulness Practices for Coders and Knowledge Workers

17. Juni @ 9:00 - 16:00
Amsterdam Amsterdam, Niederlande

Is there a way to train our most basic cognitive and emotional skills? The basic skills like focus, clarity about what is important now and skills that support collaboration? These skills are the basis for all our work in an agile and complex environment and therefore improving them would give us great leverage to work better and be happier. Modern mindfulness practices are a set of scientifically researched practices to improve on those skills. And while mindfulness practices are hundreds…

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Mind as Code – Mindfulness for Developers and Knowledge Workers

18. Juni @ 14:15 - 15:00
Amsterdam Amsterdam, Niederlande

How to be more relaxed with the craziness of the world? How to focus more on what is really important during work and in life? How to be more resilient, when things don't work the way we wanted? And how to react smarter to a situation like that? Mindfulness is a scientifically researched practice to train the mind. It's like switching to a new, more useful, operating system. Everything becomes a bit easier. But in this case you are not…

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