Mind As Code

On this page you find the slides and additional ressources about my talk ‚Mind as Code – Mindfulness for Developers and Knowledge Workers‘. Enjoy.

How to bring mindfulness to your company?

If you want to bring mindfulness into your company, talk to me.  I usually offer one of two things:

  1. A one-day introduction workshop combined with an 8 week follow-up program, that helps you to deeply embed mindfulness into your life. See the details here (page is in German, but the program is available in English)
  2. The two day Search-Inside-Yourself program, that has been developed within Google. I am a certified trainer for that program.

The slides

Guided meditations

If you are looking for guided meditations in German, sign up to my email newsletter (around 6 emails / year) and you receive two guided mediations from me for free. One is a classical meditation focusing on the breath as the meditation object, thus developing concentration. The other one is exploring relaxation, developing calm and equanimity.

Additional ressources

  • I like the Insight Meditation Timer app for (surprise) its nice timer, the community elements and its statistics and mild gamification elements.
  • If you want to sprinkle your day with mindfulness, use the Buddhify app. Lots of guided meditations for all kinds of situations in daily life.
  • The book „Search Inside Yourself“ is a good intro into the 2 day mindfulness program, that has been developed within Google.
  • Personally I really enjoy learning from Shinzen Young – a geeky US based meditation teacher who has written a great book: „Science of Enlightment“.
  • Approximately one weekend per month, Shinzen also runs a remote meditation retreat. During the weekend a couple of sessions are offered, you can book one or more sessions and then call in through conference call software. It’s called the home practice program and is a great way to get to know Shinzens teaching more.
  • Another interesting read from a geeky, science oriented teacher is: „The Mind Illuminated“.
  • And if you want to dive into the science behind meditation, the book „Altered Traits – Science Reveals how Meditation changes your mind, brain and body“ is a great and recent overview of what we know about the science of meditation and what we don’t. It’s written by Daniel Goleman, who popularized the concept of emotional intelligence in the 90s and Richard Davidson, who is one of the leading cognitive scientist in the field of meditation.