Premiere of my „Mind as Code“ talk at Thoughtworks

Last night I had the pleasure to premiere my new talk „Mind as Code – Mindfulness for software developers and knowledge workers“ (If you don’t follow their MeetUp-Channel, do that now. Very interesting topics and always a great bunch of people). Thanks to Thoughtworks and especially Jenna from Thoughtworks for hosting me and the 50 participants in such a kind way.

Here are some resources around the talk:

  • The slides of my talk „Mind as Code“.
  • I like the Insight Meditation Timer app for (surprise) its nice timer, the community elements and its statistics and mild gamification elements.
  • If you want to sprinkle your day with mindfulness, use the Buddhify app. Lots of guided meditations for all kinds of situations in daily life.
  • The book „Search Inside Yourself“ is a good intro into the 2 day mindfulness program, that has been developed within Google.
  • Personally I really enjoy learning from Shinzen Young – a geeky US based meditation teacher who has written a great book <irony> with the very modest title </irony>: „Science of Enlightment“.
  • Approximately one weekend per month, Shinzen also runs a remote meditation retreat. During the weekend a couple of sessions are offered, you can book one or more sessions and then call in through conference call software. It’s called the home practice program and is a great way to get to know Shinzens teaching more.